A's Tetris Tetris created by me! (you will luv da sounds)
Space Colums Control a ship to shoot falling bombs and pick up crates. (also created by me)
Aqua Energizer A strategy game where you complete levels by digging and moving things around.
Cube Buster Click on different colored bunches of blocks to score points..
Mini Golf Mini golf game with tons of different courses.
Mini Pool One player pool game.
Air Dodger Dodge flying ballons as long as you can.
Bunch Strategy game where you move colored balls around to get points.
Carmageddon Run over as many people as you can within the time limit.
Canyon Glider Glide through canyons and collect points.
Sling Shot Fight against armies using sling shots.
A-Blast Space game where you shoot enemies to gain points.
Snake Old skool snake.
Delirium Shoot spider-like monsters and pick up weapons.
Gyro Ball Roll your way through tons of levels and score points.
Helicopter Fly through a tunnel and avoid obstacles as long as you can.
Rong Like traditional pong but with a twist.
Sea Strike Shoot ships and subs underwater and advance through levels.
Brainsplatters Go through levels killing sticks and picking up weapons.
Ping Pong

Play ping pong against different computer opponents with the normal rules.

Break Ball Hit a ball around with your paddle and break the bricks.
Pacman Just like the old classic.
Balloon Drop
Throw balloons off a roof to hit people below and score points.
Xaio Xaio Game A first person shooter where you fight against sticks.
Asteriods The old-school version of asteriods made in flash.
Centipede The exact version of Centipede played on old arcade machines.
Jetpack Fly through stages collecting keys and avoiding obstacles.
Golden Gate Drop
Throw balloons off a bridge to hit people below and score points.
Bricks of Steel Get rid of all the bricks by hitting a ball around with your paddle.
Frogger Old frogger-just like the arcade.
Warzone Battle other tanks in a 3D city.
Shockwave Basketball Play 1v1 basket ball againt a computer opponent.
Crypt Raider A longer version with different levels and graphics of Aqua Energizer.
Sim Girl The ulimate dating simulation where you try and get laid.
Spank The Monkey Spank the monkey as fast as you can.
City Jump Get through the city by jumping over buildings and things.
Tetris Classic Tetris with just one new kind of block added.
Bug On A Wire Avoid birds by jumping from telephone wires.
Hexagon An interesting strategy game you can play with an AI or 2 players.
Simon A memory game, see how long you can go.